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Tacos Los Gordos Inc.

Santa Ana, CA, USA

(949) 386 - 4174

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      Please contact TLG Inc. for any service other than our standard Taquizas. Call, Text or email us your special requests. Response time is quick and will ensure your dates are reserved. Book early. Availability is limited, reserve today.  Contact Us 

Taquiza Menu

Choice I: Meats & Salsa

 Standard Taquizas include:  3 Choices of Meats & 2 Choices of Salsa. Marked (*) Premium choices at additional fees. RED Highlight = SPICE HOT


Vegan | Vegano

Tofu A La Mex

Papas A La Mex

Veggie Fajitas


Premium Choices

Pork | Puerco

Pork Sausage - Chorizo

Marinated Pork - Al Pastor

Spit-roast M. Pork - Al Pastor en Trompo*

Pulled Pork - Carnitas*


Premium Choices

Seafood | Mariscos

Shrimp - Camaron*

Fish - Pescado*


Hot Sauce | Salsa

Red Hot Sauce - Salsa Roja

Green Sauce - Salsa Verde

Tomato Sauce - Salsa de Tomate

Avocado Salsa - Salsa de Aguacate

Meats 4.png

Chicken | Pollo

Grilled Chicken - Pollo Asado

Spicy Chicken - Pollo Picoso


Premium Choices

Beef | Res

Grilled Steak - Carne Asada

Brisket Cut - Suadero*

Beef Tongue - Lengua*

Tripe-Intestine - Tripitas*

More choices available at additional fees.

( * ) Premium choices and have extra fees or order minimums due to market value. A deposit will be required to reserve our services. Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE or Exchanged for other packages or services. An 18% gratuity charge will be added  automatically. TLG Inc. requires 1 hour of Prep and Cook time for any event. Please make adjustments for cooking time and space available for set up. Attention! At first contact please let us know if any guests have any food allergies to avoid any reactions to due to our food prep.

Mas selecciones requieren cargos extras.

( * ) Habran cargos extras por selecciones the cortes premium o orden minima dado por el precio del mercado. Un deposito es requirido para poder reservar nuestros servicios. Despositos NO SON REEMBOLSADO o sera Intercambiado por otros servicios. Un cargo de 18% gratuito sera agregado automaticamente. TLG Inc. requiere 1 hora de preparo y cocina para cualquier evento. Por favor de hacer ajustos para hacer la comida y espacio necesario para todos nuestra parrillas y equipo taquero. Atencion! Al momento de contacto pro favor informenos sobre cualquier alergia de comida que udsted o sus invitados puedan tener y a sus ingredientes.

Taquiza Menu

Choice II: Premium Items & Extras

 Standard Taquiza services Does NOT Include Premium items and Extras. Any item chosen will include additional fees. RED Highlight = SPICE HOT

Sides | Guarniciones

Rice - Arroz

Beans - Frijoles 

Cactus - Nopales

Grilled Jalapenos - Chiles Toriados

Grilled Chives - Cebollitas Los Gordos

Chunky Guacamole - Guacamole Casero 

Corn Cups - Esquite

Tortilla Chips - Totopos

Shredded Cheese - Queso Rayado (extra)

Fresh Lettuce - Lechuga Fresca (extra)

Sides | Guarniciones



Bacon-wrapped Dogs - Hotdogs con Tocino

Veggie Fajitas

Fruit Salad - Ensalada De Fruta

Garden Salada - Ensalada Fresca

*Dessert | Postre*

Rice Pudding - Arroz con Leche


Natural Waters
Aguas Frescas

Rice Water - Horchata

Tamarind Pulp - Tamarindo

Watermelon - Sandia

Lemonade - Limon

Cantaloupe - Melon

Pineapple - Pina

Coconut - Coco



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